Is The Plugged Lie The Easiest Bunker Shot In Golf?

The first of our 'Challenging Bunker Shots' series.

The 'Plugged Lie' can strike fear into many golfers. However, by understanding how the sand wedge and the sand interact, the shot becomes much easier.

With a simple adjustment to the setup and the right concept, you'll pop these dreaded shots out every time.

Watch the video below to see how some simple

techniques can make a huge difference. 

Remember These 4 Key Points Below For Your Success!

  • Close the clubface 
  • Reduce the bounce of the club
  • Enter the sand close to the ball
  • mail-forward

Matt Quinn

​​​​18 Handicap Club Golfer

" Thank you so much for the tips on escaping from the sand. I have always been scared of bunker shots. On Wednesday, I was in two sand traps and I'm proud to let you know I got out of both first time! One of the bunkers had a massive lip too ... Thanks! "

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