You can learn to hit all of your golf shots straighter, by practising more effectively and by giving yourself quality feedback.

Ask yourself, do you really know why you hit the golf ball offline?

Most self-feedback provided by golfers is based on guesswork and golfing myths.

Let’s deal with the facts!

There are only 3 factors of the clubhead and the golf swing, which directly influence the direction the golf ball flies.

These impact factors are:

  1. 1
    - The strike location on the clubhead
  2. 2
    - Swing Path - in-to-out, out-to-in or straight to the target
  3. 3
    - Clubface Angle - open, closed or square

By asking yourself these questions and of course, answering correctly, we gain greater awareness of the true cause of golf shot direction.

This true knowledge, helps you make those necessary micro-adjustments, which all good golfers make instinctively.

Beware though, if the input and the information is incorrect, then improvement is very difficult.

Imagine if a golfer thinks an offline shot is caused by an open clubface but has actually been caused by a shank!

We see this sort of misinformation all the time.

Improve the quality of your feedback, let your subconscious mind take more autonomous control over your swing and ultimately, hit more Laser Straight Irons!

We also demonstrate some effective practice techniques to help you with your awareness of of the clubhead.

@adamyounggolf calls this differential practice, we call it Creative Practice.

Watch it here!

About the Author Glen Haynes

Glen joined the UK PGA in 2001 and moved back to Australia in 2015.
He heads up the Golf Academy at Monash Country Club in Sydney.
His experiences coaching and on tour in Europe and Australia have shaped his golf coaching philosophies. Glen advocates improving Golfing Skills in addition to developing sound fundamentals.
He is a qualified TPI Level 1 Instructor and Golf Psychology Coach.

Glen is a proud Srixon and Redbelly Active Staff Professional

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