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G'day Everyone!

Welcome to the 3 part preview to our latest Course: Tour Sticks - The Ultimate Practise Guide.

In this 3 Part Video course you will get a birds eye view of what you can expect in the main course. We have carefully selected 3 of the 50 Videos from the course and each Video is from a different category. We cover 6 categories: Short Game, Plane, Power, Putting, Strike and Accuracy.

 If you love to practice then you will LOVE these Videos, Enjoy  

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Course Structure

Short Game Drill - Connection.

Connection - Short Game Drill


To develop a chipping and pitching action, which connects the hips, trunk and arms. Many golfers are ‘out of sync’, with the arms disconnected from the body. Quite often, players hardly turn at all when playing these shorter shots. This drill helps activate that rotation.


Slide a Tour Stick through your 2 front belt loops, with the Stick balanced evenly on each side. You can use the 2nd Stick as a simple alignment aid. Address the chip or pitch in the normal way.


Start with short chips, as there might be some contact with the Tour Stick until your Connection improves. Do not attempt full swings with the Stick in this position.


Play the shot, ensuring you turn through to the target with your whole body. Maintain a consistent relationship between the hips, trunk, arms and club. The goal is to turn connected, so you don’t touch the Tour Stick.

Keep in Mind:

This motion is different to the full swing. The hips would turn earlier in the downswing for more power and shaft lag. For a similar drill for the full swing, see the Hip Rotation Drill.

Accuracy Drill - Square Clubface

Square Clubface - Accuracy Drill


To build a consistent setup routine, ensuring the correct aiming of the clubface to the target. Most drills using Alignment Sticks focus on feet and body alignment. This unique setup is the most effective way of squaring the clubface in the address position. The direction of a golf shot is largely determined by the angle of the clubface, so it is critical to start with the clubface square. This drill can be used with any club in the bag, including the putter.


Using 2 Tour Sticks, set them up in a ‘T’ formation. Place the 1st Stick on the ground, just outside the golf ball, aiming at the target. The 2nd Tour Stick runs perpendicularly to the 1st Stick, outside it, away from you. This 2nd, Square Tour Stick is aligned immediately behind the ball, directly in line with your clubface.


Both Tour Sticks should be far enough away from the golf ball, so that there is no danger of striking the with the clubhead.


Setup is key here. However, the process will differ from irons to woods. Irons: Address the golf ball with the clubhead, ensuring that the leading bottom edge of the clubhead is perfectly in line with the 2nd Stick. Some irons have paint in the bottom groove to assist the aiming process. This may not feel like you are setting up with a Square Clubface. As long as the Tour Sticks are placed perfectly, and the leading edge of your iron is exactly matched to the Tour Sticks, then you must be setup squarely. Hit several shots to your target, allowing yourself to become accustomed to being perfectly square. Woods (& Hybrids): Address the ball as with the iron. However, this time, the top edge of your wood should be in line with the Square Tour Stick. Yes, we know.......confusing, right? Irons and woods are constructed completely differently, so we need to be fully aware of the aiming differences of each club.

Keep In Mind:

The 2nd Pro Stick must be placed EXACTLY 90° from the 1st Stick, for a perfect setup.

Plane Drill - Low Handle

Low Handle - Plane Drill


To help the player lower the lie angle of the golf club at impact. This is for golfers who tend to get steep in their swing and hit the golf ball with a high shaft and grip position at impact. This High Handle produces a toe-down divot and adversely affects ballstriking. There should be little to no difference in lie angle from the address to the impact position.


Push a Tour Stick firmly into the ground, well outside the position of the golf ball, at a very low angle. Slide a pool noodle over the Stick. A small section of the noodle will hover over the ball, either just in front or just behind it (so you can still see the ball).


Definitely perform this drill only with a pool noodle. There is a very high chance of contact and golf clubs have been known to break when hitting a Tour Stick.


Begin with some practice swings and then some pitch shots. You are using the Tour Stick and pool noodle as a Barrier and you are simply attempting to hit the golf ball without touching the noodle. Keep close eye on any divots you make. The goal is for nice, flat marks, rather than the toe-deep divots, which are very common amongst golfers. Have a friend check the difficulty level of this drill. You can make it harder to perform successfully by moving the ball further under the noodle. Slowly increase the speed of your swings, until you can hit full shots without touching the pool noodle.

Keep in Mind:

Many golfers strike the ball from the toe of the clubhead, in an effort to miss the pool noodle. Gain feedback on your ballstriking, by using face tape or tees either side of the golf ball.

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