Today, the Aussie Golf Pros ask that question:

Do I Chip or Putt?

Imagine a short short from just off the green, with the ball sitting down in the grass. It seems like such a simple shot but we often see club golfers mess it up completely, try to wedge it close.

We could putt it but if the lie is bad, we risk double-hitting the shot.

Steve shows you his great ‘Short Game Hack’. Utilising a putting setup, grip and stroke, you can play a delicate little chip, which can get you close to the hole, or in!

The key is in the setup. If we raise the heel of the club, we stand closer to the ball, much like playing a putt. This has the added benefit of using the toe of the club to ‘glide’ through the grass. It’s often the heel of the club, which gets snagged up in the grass, causing the flubbed shot.

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