You can learn to hit all of your golf shots straighter, by practising more effectively and by giving yourself quality feedback.Ask yourself, do you really know why you hit the golf ball offline?Most self-feedback

"Your game and your life can't help but be enhanced by reading this book." Dr Karl Morris - Performance Coach to Six Major Champions and over 100 Tour Professionals. Our Job here at Aussie

How to Play From a Divot You've hit your best drive of the day, long and straight! and You're in a Divot!What do you do? Cry? Have a whinge? Why me? Call for a

Are you a streaky putter? Do your knees shake and your palms get sweaty when you get closer to the hole? The main reason that golfers don't improve with the flat stick is poor

We trust you are enjoying our recent videos on Trouble Shots and how to play them. Today, Glen shows us how to play a downhill chip over a bunker. A good golf course will

hHow do you play from the Collar of Rough?Picture this ( We know you've been here!) You are just off the green, thinking you can save par. Then you arrive at your ball, only to find your ball

Today, the Aussie Golf Pros ask that question:Do I Chip or Putt?Imagine a short short from just off the green, with the ball sitting down in the grass. It seems like such a simple

Escape from Deep Bunkers The heading 'Escape from Deep Bunkers' says it all. This shot strikes fear into many club golfers, even ‘A’ Graders! The issue is, we are faced with a short shot,

How to create Lag in the Golf Swing? We recently received a request from a one of our online subscribers. Brandon was concerned about his casting. These drills show 'How to create 'Lag' in the