October 17, 2018

Escape from Deep Bunkers


The heading 'Escape from Deep Bunkers' says it all. This shot strikes fear into many club golfers, even ‘A’ Graders! The issue is, we are faced with a short shot, which requires plenty of height and spin and therefore, some power.

A common mistake many club golfers make, is they attempt to ‘help’ the ball out of the bunker. However, we can adjust our setup to get the club working for us, generating a higher launch and backspin.

With a bit of practice, the player can lay the clubface wide open. We need to align the body and the swing path slightly open as well, to control the direction.

Golfers are amazed at how open we lay the clubface and still get the ball going forward! Commitment is key - we need a long swing with plenty of clubhead speed and a full finish.

About the author 

Steve Gannon

Steve Gannon is an Australian PGA Professional and High-Performance Mindset Coach. Steve is passionate about Digital Marketing and is a self-confessed Personal Growth Fanatic.

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