The Direction Discipline

Introducing 'The Direction Discipline' created by Aussie Golf Pros

This Mini Course includes the Training Guide and 3 Videos

 The Direction Discipline was designed exclusively for members of Golfer

You will not find this Course anywhere else! 

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Training Guide : Club Strike, Face Angle & Swing Path - The Direction Discipline!

3 Training Videos on the 3 Aspects of Accuracy

Club Strike 
Clubface Angle
Swing Path

Their Story

Aussie Golf Pros is the partnership of PGA Qualified Professionals, Steve Gannon and Glen Haynes. It is a learning resource, designed for club and social golfers, providing advice & insights to develop your golf game through awareness and understanding.

Steve and Glen became frustrated with the complicated instruction taught today, geared towards elite golfers, focused on complicated techniques and complex theories.

Their approach is designed simply, to help you develop your skills, to become The Best Golfer You Can Be!

Steve is Head Professional at Sydney's Premier North Western Private Club, Castle Hill Country Club

He believes in a holistic approach to teaching Golf, has a passion for the Mental Game and loves to combine sound swing technique principles with Mindfulness and High Performance thinking.

Steve is a proud Titleist and Footjoy Staff Professional.

Glen heads up the Golf Academy at Hawks Nest Golf Club on the NSW Mid North Coast.

His experiences coaching and on tour in Europe and Australia have shaped his golf coaching philosophies. He is a qualified TPI Level 1 Instructor and Golf Psychology Coach.

He advocates improving Golfing Skills in addition to developing sound fundamentals.

Glen is a proud Srixon/Cleveland and Red Belly Active Staff Professional.

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