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Awareness starts with quality feedback. How often do we flush one down the middle of the fairway, only to mess up our next shot?

Wouldn't you like to know why.....and what to do about it?

We help you develop the tools you need to understand your game and improve.

Effective Drills

Too much golf instruction is overly technical and complicated.

Employing 'constraint based' coaching, we show you the most effective drills to improve performance.

From straightening out that slice to holing more putts, from flushing your irons to escaping from the sand, we have the right drill for you!

External Focus

Ever wonder why you can't make that swing change? Do you get worse, the more you practice?

With so much confusing information available, it's no wonder!

We show you how to focus your mind and your swing thoughts to help you learn and improve. You CAN take your 'A' game to the course!

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Watch these high quality Golf Instruction Videos on 5 key aspects of the game: Driving, Chipping, Bunkers, Putting and Ballstriking. 

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Hit the Straightest Drives of your life!

Finding fairways need not be complicated. For consistent tee shots, at Impact we need to:

1. Find the Sweetspot

2. Swing with a (fairly) Neutral Path

3. Square the Club Face

The rest isn't nearly as important!

These two simple drills will help you develop your confidence and have you striping it in no time!


Bunker Shots Are Easy!

Don't you just love it when the Pro's say that? Easy for them!

Easy for you too!

The secret to playing from the sand, is the splash! You get that divot right with a nice high, committed followthrough and you'll be wondering what all the fuss was about.


Chipping: Keep it simple!

This simple shot is often over complicated. It's almost exactly like a putt and we see instructors befuddle the club golfer with fancy setups and confusing swing thoughts!

Let's keep it simple and effective. The landing point is the key!

Are you the Best
Golfer You Can Be? 

We want you to ask yourself this question!

If your answer is NO! Then  stick with us, Our MISSION is to help golfers just like you all around the world, understand the beauty and simplicity of this wonderful game and ultimately play the best golf of their lives.

We believe in a holistic approach and understand that there is a lot more than just technique to playing great golf.... Mindset, fitness, course management, awareness and attitude are all areas, which we should strive to improve. Our aim is to deliver Simple Yet Effective Golf Tips, Insights and Drills to gain Awareness and help you be the best golfer you can possibly be.

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If you like what you have seen and you are convinced there is a better way, then look no further!

Benefit from playing with confidence and simplicity. Learn and improve with effective drills, which provide feedback and awareness, leading to greater control and focus.

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