How to create Lag in the Golf Swing?

We recently received a request from a one of our online subscribers. Brandon was concerned about his casting. These drills show 'How to create 'Lag' in the Golf Swing?'

This is a common question on Golf forum boards around the world today. Being able to create 'lag' in the downswing, seems to have become the 'holy grail of the golf swing'. 

Brandon is a good golfer playing to an 11 handicap but tends to mishit many of his iron shots fat or thin.

Brandon's initial start to the downswing is with his upper body. He would love to be able to 'lag' the club and compress the ball more.

Watch the Video Below!

We start off by demonstrating a simple drill to get the feeling of actually swinging the golf club, rather than forcing the shot. The golf downswing is ideally initiated from the ground up, with the hips and torso accelerating before the arms and club. This creates a more efficient kinetic chain ....... and more 'lag'.

The first of the drills is done with a simple golf towel. Because the towel is soft and 'noodle' like, the harder you swing, the more the sequence breaks down. The kinetic chain collapses and there is no compression.

Learning to swing the towel with some rhythm and release is a great way of staying patient on the down swing and achieving the "snap" at impact.

We then move on from the towel to the golf club and introduce the impact bag. 

Steve demonstrates the same feeling he had with the towel, now with the weight of a golf club and this time he is releasing the club later into the impact bag.  

Watch the FULL Video here

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