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Hole Out!

[Drill] Are you a Streaky Putter?

Are you a streaky putter?

Do your knees shake and your palms get sweaty when you get closer to the hole?

The main reason that golfers don't improve with the flat stick is poor quality practice!

You can practice as much as you want but if you're not practising the right things and you're not putting with pressure, you're just wasting time.

This great putting drill focuses on every single aspect of your short putting: pace, direction, green reading, pressure putting. 

Downhill, uphill and sidehill putts too!

The truly important aspect here is that we hit 20 putts and stop! Yes, that's right....Stop!

By all means, go to another putting drill, work on your alignment or maybe your speed control. 

However, you should only perform this particular drill once. Keep your score out of 20 and come back tomorrow to try to beat it.

If a golfer, just keeps going around and around, it takes away the pressure, it reduces the accountability of a putt.

The player starts thinking - I'll do better next time.

Well, during a round of golf, there is no next time.

You can never get back a missed putt.

You can watch the Video here!

When setting up, we need to take on this challenge on a sloping green

You'll putt 4 balls each from 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet and 7 feet.

The idea is to learn how to hole out with different breaks and different speeds of putts.

If the green is flat, it's too easy. It's important to measure correctly for consistency.

The test should be the same from one day to the next.

Most golfers have no idea how long a foot or 30cm is.

Well, a size 11 shoe is 1 foot, so if wear a smaller shoe, you'll need to adjust or use a tape measure.

Place some tees down for reference before you begin the challenge.

We'd love to hear how you get on. Please comment below, with your score out of 20.

You can watch the Video here!

Downhill Chip over a bunker.

Downhill Chip Over a Bunker

We trust you are enjoying our recent videos on Trouble Shots and how to play them.

Today, Glen shows us how to play a downhill chip over a bunker.

A good golf course will throw different challenges at you, so every time you play you need to be prepared for them.

Following on from our post about playing downhill lies, we wanted to find a similar lie around a green but this time a much shorter shot over a bunker.

It’s a delicate chip from beside the 17th green, downhill to the pin.

Many of the same principles from Steve’s 7-iron apply, however, we now need more spin and control on the green.

Watch the video here.