The Shank! is one of the top answers when asking the Club Golfer what shot they would NEVER like to hit again. You'll likely have hit a 'Shank' at some point in your life. You may have even 'caught' them.

The shank has always been this mystical golfing disease. We're not even allowed to say the word! Quite often, it takes just one S____ to completely unravel a golfer's round, with one socket followed by another.... and another. Suddenly, its 'I've got the shanks!', like they've just contracted the measles.

Maybe they jumped online, asked a mate, or even booked a lesson with a Pro, in search of a cure. I'm sure you've heard all the theories like open club face, closed club face, leg slide and 'over the top'. We took to the web to see what advice was available.... the number of different ideas and drills is staggering and confusing.

Whether these answers are right or wrong, in our opinion is irrelevant... Why? Because they won't cure you!

Watch the Video Below.


The shank is often mistaken for a slice or a topped shot, because of its violent and erratic ball flight. So, what is a shank and what causes it?.... A shank happens when a player hits an iron shot, striking the ball from the neck or 'hosel' of the golf club. Due to the rounded shape of the hosel, the ball can literally go in any direction, often slicing to the 'off' side (right for a right-hander).

There's nothing mystical about the cause of the shot. The golfer has simply swung the iron in a slightly different spot to that which is intended. The clubhead at impact is 2 to 3 cms further away from the player than required and presto! Instant grief!

The simple drill we utilise in the video will Cure you of this dreaded affliction....

How does it work? By providing the golfer with quality Feedback and a dose of incentive thrown in. This drill leads to greater Awareness for the player, which ultimately helps improve Control and Focus.


Self Assessment Quiz

1) Do you now understand why you hit a shank?

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    a) Yes  
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    b) I think so
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    c) No

2) If you answered No, are you going to get in touch with us immediately to gain understanding! 🙂

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    a) Yes

Reveal the Answers

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Enjoy your golf and continue to ask yourself, Are You The Best Golfer You Can Be?

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